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Investing in the Children of Western New York


 Our Mission:

The CCLC mission is to provide financial support for Catholic elementary schools of Western
New York to maintain their viability, lighten the financial burden upon parishes that support
them, continue an affordable education for all who desire a faith-based educational experience,
and to increase the salaries and benefits of Catholic school employees to encourage them to
remain in service to our Catholic schools. There is a special emphasis in helping schools that
are located in urban and rural settings who primarily educate the poor and working poor.

The CCLC works to generate an annual income for the Catholic elementary schools instead of
the historical pattern of raising funds exclusively through fundraisers and donations to support
schools. Though the schools will always need the gifts and generosity of others, income for the
CCLC is primarily created through grants, the acquisition of real property, businesses,
investments, the creation of unique entrepreneurial endeavors and other strategic partnerships.
In the development of resource generating activities the CCLC will give priority to those that
contribute to educational, scientific and charitable initiatives.

It is not the intent of the CCLC to be in competition or interfere with the generous work and
commitment that other WNY charitable organizations make annually in support of Catholic
education. The CCLC will not conduct fundraisers but does support donations from those
interested in supporting Catholic education. In partnership with community leaders throughout
WNY the CCLC will implement a comprehensive business model based on a variety of needs
for the community and the development of its youth.


Who We Are

Learn more about the mission of CCLC and meet the team who keeps us going. 


Schools We Serve

See the many Catholic elementary schools we are helping within the Buffalo diocese. 


Donate Today

Interested in our mission? Consider donating and carry on the gift of Catholic education.

Recent News

The CCLC Board recently approved the creation of two pilot business projects whose net profits will be dedicated to two Catholic elementary schools.  The two schools to receive this support are Northern Chautauqua Catholic School and Catholic Academy of West Buffalo.

The Board is exploring either the purchase of existing businesses or the creation of new ones.  

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