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Support Catholic Schools!

This post if for our friends at Northern Chautauqua Catholic School in Dunkirk! The CCLC is working to raise awareness throughout the area on the importance of maintaining the only Catholic school available to families in the county. We are reaching out to your newspaper and radios to assist us in spreading the word. The CCLC is also working to create a landscaping businesses whose profits will be given to financially support the school. If you would like to help let your area press know you support these efforts! Also we are in need of landscaping equipment including plow trucks, commercial lawnmowing equipment, trailers, trimmers and a storage building. The CCLC as a non-profit can accept donations for tax credits. We generally don't ask for donations since our model of support is to create income. However, to help this startup business we would appreciate the help! You can also direct financial donors to our webpage at If you have equipment to donate please contact us at Talk it up NCCS supporters!

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